Procedure for Declaring a Minor

Download a copy of the New Requirements Form for a Minor in Psychology

Download a copy of the Old Requirements Form for a Minor in Psychology

Follow the instructions below to complete it on your computer (use Acrobat or Acrobat Reader to open and complete. The form must be typed, not hand-written) then print and bring two copies to the Undergraduate Coordinator. The form cannot be faxed or sent via email. You must declare the minor in person.

1)    Start by filling in any courses you have already completed in the appropriate “Course Group” space (Intro Psych does not belong on this form, since it’s a prereq).

2)    Fill in the other courses that you would *like* to take to satisfy all minor requirements.

*The courses you list are simply your "best guesses" about the courses you will likely take; these guesses are not binding and courses can be rearranged or substituted as necessary or desired in the future.

As a Psychology Minor, you are ultimately responsible for ensuring all requirements for the minor have been satisfied. Modifications should be discussed with your minor advisor.

3)    Leave blank the section at the bottom for Approval and signatures

4)    Print two copies of your completed Declaration form and one copy of your Transcript or your Course History (not your Academic Requirements (VSTAA) page).

5)    Bring these printed copies to Undergraduate Coordinator, Kimbo Smith, during drop-in hours or by appointment in Gilmer 140c. (Drop-in hours: M-Th: 9:00-12:00; 2-3:30.  F: 9:00-12:00)

Your psychology minor is usually not official in SIS until about one to two weeks after your declaration meeting.   The Director of Undergraduate Studies is the advisor for all Psychology minors.