Diversity in Psychology

UVA Department of Psychology Diversity & Inclusion Mission Statement

The Department of Psychology at the University of Virginia is committed to fostering an academically enriching and supportive climate for all members of our community. We hold the mission of promoting diversity and inclusion as a core value around which institutional decisions are made and believe this mission to be fundamental to our scholarly endeavors.

In these efforts, we understand that diversity is an ongoing commitment, rather than an outcome measured at a single point in time; therefore, we commit to these principles:

1) Evaluation: Proactively identify, address, and monitor inequalities.
2) Communication: Regularly and transparently disseminate information on diversity and inclusion-related initiatives and outcomes.
3) Inclusivity: Invite all members of our community to take an active role in diversity and inclusion-related efforts. Encourage representation of all groups, perspectives, and voices within our community, and recognize and value the intersections between community members’ multiple identities and life experiences.
4) Representation: Actively seek to increase the presence of underrepresented and historically marginalized groups in our department through strategic recruitment and retention efforts.
5) Accountability: Hold ourselves and others accountable for working against all forms of oppression and discrimination.