Transfer Students

Effective in August 2018, the UVA Department of Psychology instituted new requirements for its B.A. in Psychology.

NOTE: Transfer students who began their college studies elsewhere prior to August 2018 have the option to follow the new or the old requirements (details here:

A maximum of 12 transfer credits may be counted toward the psychology major, and 6 toward a minor.

To determine transfer acceptability for the Psychology major, start by checking your psychology courses in the UVa Transfer Credit Analyzer:

For any of your courses not already approved on this list, complete the Request for Transfer of Credit Form and submit to the Department of Psychology’s Director of Undergraduate Studies, Frederick Smyth,, along with the course syllabi.

Courses at the 2000-level are most suitable for transfer. Elective credit toward the major may be given for substantial courses, even if a comparable course is not offered in this department. Transfer credit for PSYC 3005, 3006 or 4000- and 5000-level courses is rarely given.

Current UVa students who wish to take psychology courses at other institutions for credit toward the major are cautioned to get approval before taking a course. Submit the Request for Transfer of Credit Form to the Director of Undergraduate Studies prior to enrollment.

Students cannot receive credit for two classes with the same class number. For example, a common class offered outside of UVa is Human Development. It transfers as PSYC 2700. Thus, students with transfer credit for PSYC 2700 cannot take for Child Psychology for credit because there is too much overlap between the two classes.